July 22

IMG_0727Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and enjoying the summer.  We are within a week of the next Flea Market with only nine (9) Vendors signed up.  Here’s who have reserved a space so far:  RW Grayson Koogle, Mary Mattingly, Katrin Breitt Brown, Carol Cooke, Susan Kastris, Donna Nash, Colleen Mahoney, Suzanne Pinzon, and Barbara Cerutti.  If I’ve missed someone please let me know soonest.

So we’re looking for more Vendors and really hope you will consider joining us this Saturday.  The Vendors are great folks and it is an enjoyable event for both the community and the Vendors.  We appreciate your friendship as well as your support to our event.

As a reminder, we collect the $15 fee the morning of the event.  If you sign up and for some reason have to cancel there is no penalty fee, though a email note as soon a you know is greatly appreciated.

Hope to hear from you soon!  The weather will be perfect and the camaraderie up-lifting if you’re there!

Best, Charlie


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